Remote IT Support

Remote IT Support

Looking at the extremely volitile and unique situation that our world finds itself in today, Remote IT Support is an absolute neccesity. The days of IT Proffesionals jumping into their cars and racing of to assist you are dying fast. Having a full IT Department in an environment where most of your staff work from home makes less and less sence every day. The solution?

Remote IT Support. Whether you make use of Remote IT Support on an ADHOC basis, or saving costs by doing a month-to-month Nerdcare, the advantages speaks for itself.

Is Remote Support for me?

What can Remote IT Support do for you and your business? Firstly, it makes the IT Support instant, and dependable, vital for any business, and more so today. Whether you or your staff are in the office, working from home, or even on holiday, it makes no difference. For as long as your devices are on the internet, IT Support is a mere email/call/ticket away. And the systems used by The Nerd Zone (Pty) Ltd are 100% secure, safe and encrypted. And fost too. Also, many of your daily maintenance gets done behind the scene, allowing you or your staff to continue working. Most of the times, we will know of any issues on your devices before you do! Talk to us today, and select the Nerdcare that will suit you. you pay pnly per server/pc/laptop per month, and all Remote IT Support, Microsoft Update management, Email support, etc during office hours fully included!

Instant support

Setup in minutes

Encrypted and Secure

Range of features

Very good rates

No contracts, only month-to-month


Never wait for a technicial again!

With your Nerd Zone Nerdcare, Your IT Support will always be almost instant, and extremely proffesional. Highly trained staff are at their desks, waiting to assist you as we speak


What can it do

This is just a few of the features Nerd Zone PBX has to offer you.




Super Fast Support


24 Hour Standby


No Direct Contact


Highly Skilled Engineers


Get Help Anywhere


You’re one step away from your new solution

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