Scalable, Trusted I.T. Solutions

We have a diverse range of solutions specifically designed to can cater for your business needs.

Remote I.T Support

VoIP Solutions

I.T. Hardware & Software Sales

Virtual Private Networks

Cloud Backup

Document Management Solutions

VoIP and PBX Solutions

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)  enables you to make phone calls over the internet.

Benefits of VoIP

100% Cloud-based (online) telephone system (PBX) with virtual assistant.

How does it work?

No onsite hardware, backups, power issues! All taken care of via the internet by making use of cloud-based servers. All you need is a good stable internet connection, and you phones (Soft-phone options also available) Contract or month-to-month options available

Is VoIP for me?

Wheather you are starting a small one phone business from home, travel a lot, or have an existing corporate business, you are bound to save a fortune on monthly telephone bills with our extremely low call rates, and you will have no headaches with backups, call recordings or power issues on your switchboard! Yes, it is surely for you too…

voip phone
document managment solution

Remote I.T. Support

Allow us to manage your business infrastructure off site

Instant Response

Tired of waiting for IT personnel? Always either to busy or stuck in traffic right? Our experts connect instantly and securely, assisting you almost immediately! And if you have a Nerdcare (month-to-month remote support contract) with us, you will never wait again!


Innovative support plans to suit you and the personality of your business. If you are a Nerdcare (month-to-month remote support contract) Client, all remote support issues during office hours are fully covered. IF you are an ADHOC Client you always pay per solution (not per hour), saving you money either way!

Total Remote Solution Offering

Our Nerdcare (month-to-month remote support contract) options include Remote Technical Support, remote Server and Desktop monitoring, Anti Virus, Management of Windows and 3rd-party updates. We normally know of issues on your Servers/Desktops/Network systems before you do! 

Data & Document Management Solutions (DMS)

Automatic scheduled backups to keep your files and documents, safe and secure.

Safe & Encrypted

Dont trust the public options out there, it is NOT save! We offer a solution (similar to Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) that syncs your files and folders to all your devices in real-time, with the added assurance that it is 100% encrypted. You also have full control over who in your team has access to any company data on your shared folders…

Work offline

Working from different locations? No problem, we have you covered! Work from any offline (no internet) location, and as soon as you are back online again, all your work will automatically syncronize. You can also “Lock Out”  specific files or folders to work on them offline exlusively, and others will only have read-only on those documents until you “book them back”… Never over-write a file again


Scalable data solutions that accommodates your budget. Wheater you have one laptop, or 30 different devices (Server, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone), always only pay for space used!

document managment solution


What People Are Saying

We have had some real-world issues with IT Support. I have a small business from home, so having permanent IT staff is not an option. Also, calling various IT Support companies has given us our fair share of headaches over the last few years. That is untl we heard about The Nerd Zone (Pty) Ltd. What a brilliant team. The Nerdcare is truly affordable (we pay per device per month), and the service absolutely brilliant.

Sue Le Maitre

Sexy By Sue

As soon as we entered into a Nerdcare with Nerdzone, our IT challenges simply went away. I can highly recomend them for not only Remote IT Support, but lso for their Cloud Based VoIP solution. We are saving huge amounts on our phone bill alone!

Rachel Graham

Cycle Masters

Law insists we have at least 5 years of saved recordings of every single call that comes or goes from our offices, seeing that we are a financial service provider. We spent R1000’s per month for that feature alone, but Willie and his team came and channghed all that. The installation was flawless, the solution brilliant, and our call quality top class. And getting to the recordings are now a simple internet based login. Love it!

Ben Badenhorst

NEB Brokers